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July 28, 2011

No Win No Fee Solicitors: Five Things You Should Consider Before Hiring One

If you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to compensation, How many times have you heard that on daytime television in the last 10 years? The no win no fee solicitor is your ticket to compensation where you have genuinely been harmed by an event or incident that had nothing to do with you - a "wrong place, wrong time" kind of thing. But how do you know when you've crossed that line? Or when you should hire no win no fee representatives? Our five points should help you work out the answers:-

1: Remember that the no win no fee solicitors are the experts on what constitutes a fair claim. The no win no fee representative is an expert in claims litigation and will not take on a case that he or she feels is not likely to generate a successful result. That means that your case doesn't go through the machinery unless it your lawyer feels that you have a case. In other words: don't refrain from calling a personal injury lawyer because you think that your injury or situation was "not important" enough to merit further attention.

2: If you have had your injury within the last three years then a no win no fee solicitors will be able to take your case and turn it into a reasonably rapid compensation claim. The no win no fee system allows for all cases that have happened within the last three years to be treated with equal merit. Don't refrain from calling up the injury lawyer because you think that your injury happened too long ago - or because the effects of it are no longer apparent.

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August 18, 2006

Ridiculous and frivolous lawsuits

(This article is mostly from Special thanks to them!)

Let’s start it off with a set of parents who decided to sue Sea World in Orlando because their son took off all his clothes but his underwear and jumped into a 50-degree pool with an Orca whale. Twenty-seven-year-old Daniel Dukes was found dead early in the morning draped over the back of the largest Orca. The cause of death was believed to be hypothermia, and drowning. The lawsuit? The parents are saying that the theme park caused his death by portraying the large animals as safe and huggable (never mind that the man was trespassing in the first place, and nobody in their right mind jumps in a pool with two animals that are bigger than you are).

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