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Child custody issues
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August 17, 2006

Child Custody Issues

If you are involved in a child support case, you need to know all of your rights and obligations. Did you know that your local child support agency may actually be giving you incorrect figures?

There are many resources for calculating child support payments, but what about enforcing those child support payments? Are you going to take child support enforcement into your own hands? Where would you even start?

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August 09, 2006

Move Away Madness Child Custody Proceedings

When a custodial parent, in a child custody proceeding, requests a move away order from the court, allowing him/her to move away a significant distance, such that it would interfere with the noncustodial parent's visitation and his/her contact with the children, this is commonly referred to as a move away case. A move away case is one of the most difficult cases for the family courts to hear because the request by the custodial parent to move away with his/her children often has a negative impact on the amount of time and frequent and continuous contact the children will have with the noncustodial parent. Some jurisdictions are permissive in how they rule on move away cases and other jurisdictions are more restrictive.

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