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Child Custody Issues

If you are involved in a child support case, you need to know all of your rights and obligations. Did you know that your local child support agency may actually be giving you incorrect figures?

There are many resources for calculating child support payments, but what about enforcing those child support payments? Are you going to take child support enforcement into your own hands? Where would you even start?

Well, you might start online, at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You would find yourself at the Office of Child Support Enforcement. This site is a great resource, and is basically a do-it-yourself guide to the enforcement of child support, as well as links to each of the state sites for child support issues.

However, what happens if you go through the process of filling out the forms for child support, and work to collect the support, but the person who owes the child support payments refuses to pay?

(That very situation may have brought you to this site.)

Well, you're probably going to have to hire an attorney. If that is the situation, thelegaleagles recommends that you find a good attorney.

How can you find a good attorney for child support and child custody related issues?

We recommend looking at a prepaid legal plan. One of the least expensive ways to get advice for a child support enforcement or child support law question is through a prepaid legal plan.


One of the least expensive ways to get advice for a child support enforcement or child support law question is through a prepaid legal plan.

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